MSES Dues can be made electronically through the use of the PayPal secure payment gateway. Please click on a button below to make your electronic dues payment. Please use just ONE button for your dues. MSES typically sends dues statements at the beginning of the calendar year. Although all members receive statements, not all members owe dues. Check your dues statement for the amount that you owe.

Secure Payments through Paypal

2017 MSES New Member

PLUS complete the application above and scan and email, fax or mail to MSES office.

Cost: $40.00
Handling Fee: $1.50

2017 MSES Annual Dues Renewal

2017 dues payment online.

Cost: $40.00
Handling Fee: $1.50

2017 & 2016 MSES Annual Dues

2017 and 2016 dues payment online (if you skipped 2016 and want to "catch-up")

Cost: $80.00
Handling Fee: $2.75

2017, 2016 & 2015 MSES Annual Dues

2017, 2016 and 2015 dues payment online (if you skipped 2016 & 2015 and want to "catch-up")

Cost: $120.00
Handling Fee: $4.00

Scholarship Donation - $40

Scholarship Donation (matches dues amount) for our MSES Scholarship Trust Fund.

Cost: $40.00
Handling Fee: $1.50