Above is the photo of the 2015-16 Board of Directors (l-r:Mitch Rasmussen, Greg Kilgore, Mark Krebsbach, Brandi Popenhagen, Jon Chiglo).  We skipped 2016-17, hope to post 2017-18 before too long...

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for the overall leadership, guidance and direction of MSES. The Officers of MSES include a President, Vice-President and a Secretary-Treasurer. These Officers are elected to one year terms and progressively move through the hierarchy of positions. The full Board of Directors includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and the Past-Presidents of the two preceding years. Elections are held every January, with the new officers to take office after the Annual Meeting in February. As of February 10, 2017 the 2017-2018 Officers are:

President: Mitch Rasmussen, MnDOT
Vice-President: Mark Dierling, SEH
Secretary/Treasurer: Jason Staebell, Hennepin County
1st Past President: Jon Chiglo, WSB
2nd Past President: Brandi Popenhagen, HDR

The 2017 board meetings, note that the October and December changed from original 1st Wednesdays:

2017 Board of Directors and General Arrangements Committee Meeting Dates:
Wednesday, April 5: 11 am (at HDR), Noon: Lunch with GAC
Monday, June 5 at Emerald Greens before Spring Golf Outing: 8:30 - 10 am (No June GAC meeting)
Wednesday, Aug. 2: 11 am (at MSES Office or other location), (with USBank Reps); Noon: Lunch with GAC
Wednesday, Oct. 11: 11 am at MSES Office, Noon: Lunch with GAC and Fall Outing Planning Committee members  
Wednesday, Nov. 30: 11 am at MSES Office, Noon: Lunch with GAC

Committees are the lifeblood to any successful organization. MSES has five main Committees that help to fulfill MSES’s mission of providing scholarships for deserving college students through activities that are fun and build good will.

Scholarship Committee
The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to lead all activities related to the award of scholarships to students. This includes coordination with the MSES BOD to identify the available funding, reviewing applications and interviewing students and recommending students to be awarded a scholarship. Click here for more information on scholarships. Chair – Jason Sprague, SEH

Membership Committee 
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to promote membership in MSES, follow the status of its members and advise the BOD on membership items. Chair Keith Farquhar, Mead & Hunt, Co-Chair Matt Jensen, Kimley-Horn

Winter Event Committee 
The purpose of the Winter Event is to have an informal gathering of networking and bowling and bocce with dinner and dessert.  It is our new tradition to keep the brief Annual Meeting within our Winter Event, starting at 4:30. Chair Wendy Schmidt, Dakota County, Co-Chair Mark Dierling, SEH.

Spring Golf Outing Committee
The purpose of the Spring Golf Outing is to promote membership in MSES. Each year and golf outing is held in June to allow networking among existing MSES members, while encouraging those members to bring potential new members along for networking opportunities. Click here for information on the latest/upcoming Spring Golf Outing. 2017 Chair Sean Delmore, WSB and Associates, Co-Chair Nik Costello, Washington County.

Fall Outing Committee
The purpose of the Fall Outing is to promote networking opportunities in a fun and relaxing environment. The Fall Outing has historically been held outside of the Twin Cities area in the Brainerd Lakes area. Click here for information on the latest/upcoming Fall Outing. 2017 Chair Craig Johnson, Rani Engineering, Co-Chair Bobby Oare, HDR.

How Can You Get Involved?
Contact any one of the chairs of the committees directly or Ann Manthey, MSES Administative Support at ann@mses.org or call 651-343-9525. Your involvement is very much needed and welcomed. It is a great way to help MSES fulfill its mission and also a great chance to meet new people.